To ensure your best performance!

For the best part of twenty years, netballers have had a limited choice in the footwear available to them. That changed when Mizuno launched a small range of netball specific shoes in December 2016. Since that day, Mizuno’s netball range has grown significantly - drawing on the technology, expertise and success of volleyball and handball within Europe.

One of Mizuno’s prime motives in netball is to educate players of all levels as to the features and benefits of a netball shoe. We know that playing any sport in appropriate footwear will help to protect you against injury and improve your performance. Netball is no different. We were inspired to make netball shoes after noticing thousands of participants playing in running shoes and other generic, soft trainers. The video below highlights the huge advantages to be gained by wearing a netball shoe. Keep a special eye out for the slow motion comparison between a running shoe and a netball shoe – it will make you wince!

The video features England Netball’s head Coach Tracey Neville and three of Mizuno’s professional players, plus expert testimony from one of the UK’s leading sports physiotherapists. #neverstoppushing with our netball shoes!

Mizuno Netball supporting Maias Netball & The Maias Netball Network (Mainet)

Mizuno Netball supporting Maias Netball & The Maias Netball Network (Mainet)